The KISS program (Keeping Independent Seniors Safe), is a telephonic reassurance system that keeps seniors and their loved ones worry-free. Participants in the KISS program can call the KISS office or receive a telephone call every Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. to make sure that the participant is alright.  Special arrangements can be made for participants that need weekend coverage. 

If the participant does not answer the phone, the KISS coordinator checks to see if there is a problem and verifies that the participant’s telephone is in working order.  If they are unable to reach the participant at this point, the KISS coordinator then calls the contact person provided by the participant for them to check on the participant to make sure they are alright.  Contact people are usually neighbors, friends, or relatives, and all participants in the KISS program are required to provide a contact person.  If this fails, a phone call is made to the local law enforcement to do a wellness check. 

Through the KISS program, if you or your loved one falls or has an emergency at home, they know that someone will be checking up on them to make sure that they are well once a day.  This is a great program for seniors who live alone and are isolated from family and friends, but it is not required.  Some couples enroll in the program in case something should happen to the caregiver.Valley Area Agency on Aging’s KISS program requires the participants to notify the KISS program when they will be away so that the KISS coordinator will not expect the participant to be at home.

For more information on the KISS program please call (855) 561-5477.


The KISS program is sponsored by the VAAA, a program that assists people 62 and older.


The KISS program is funded in part by grants from United Way.