Robert recently had a below the knee amputation. After discharge from the hospital, he found himself in a rehab nursing facility. He became nervous because just 2 weeks before his surgery, he became homeless. He had nowhere to go and no family members could help him. He met with VAAA staff and a plan was put into motion to find him adequate housing with furnishings for him to move into when he was discharged. Robert said Valley helped him find a second chance at life and that he will always remember what Valley has done for him.


Before spinal surgery, Carolyn lived with her daughter, son-in-law, and their children. After spinal surgery, she was left unable to walk and was wheelchair-bound. Returning to her home was almost impossible because of the many obstacles and lack of wheelchair access. Someone informed her about VAAA’s Nursing Facility Transition program and she called immediately. After a thorough assessment of Carolyn’s needs, the NFT program was able to make the necessary modifications to the house making it possible for her to return and remain in the comfort of her home.


Anthony and his sister Melanie, went through a very difficult time when Anthony had a stroke that left him incapacitated. They had never experienced something like this and didn’t know what to do or where to turn for guidance or assistance. Before the stroke, Anthony had lived alone and was very independent. Soon he began to recover, he only wanted to go home. Upon discharge from a nursing facility, VAAA stepped in and helped him get assistance with his physical care, mobility, food, and much-needed equipment. They both said that words cannot express how grateful they are to have received assistance from VAAA.



Since Katie has been receiving services from Valley Area Agency on Aging, she says she has improved not only physically but mentally and emotionally. She states VAAA has been a huge blessing to her and her daughter. VAAA has provided structure and consistency for her which has helped with her cognitive deficits. Katie said, “I feel much safer in my own home.” She also says that she is less lonely and more independent because she doesn’t have to rely on family as much. Katie reports that her outlook on life is much more positive and the time she spends visiting with family is more enjoyable. Katie and her family are beyond grateful for the services VAAA has provided. Katie’s daughter, Raquel, said “I do not think my mom would be still living independently in her own home without the services of Valley Area Agency on Aging.”


Wellness Programs

“I would never have been this mobile without the exercise classes. I now have more balance and muscle tone. Doing the exercises has lifted my mood. I have also made many new friends.”


“I feel the effects of this class helps keep my body in better condition. The class is wonderful. Not only for physical exercise, but also social exercise…a good balance.”